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    What are the different types of paint?

What Different Types of Paint Exist?

Picking the right paint for a job can be really confusing. While some people focus more on the colour they want and don't worry about the kind of paint, it's important to make sure that they kind you buy is the right one for the job. There are interior and exterior paints, as well as primers to consider when starting a paint job.



Primer is the kind of paint that you put on new surfaces that have never been painted over or on surfaces that have had damage, such as ones that had wallpaper you removed. An oil-based primer will keep any past stains from soaking through the subsequent layers of paint. For this reason, oil-based primers are also used on raw wood. Latex-based primer does exist, but doesn't have the same stain-blocking power. If you are painting over a surface like melamine or tile you can buy specialized primer for those jobs.


First Coat

While this paint isn't always necessary in every room that you're painting, it is a good idea to use it when you are painting over a darker colour with a lighter one. You can paint as many layers of this as necessary, and can choose from oil-based or water-based.

After you have gotten your surface ready to paint with the decorative coat, you will need to choose what kind of finish you want on the final product.


Gloss and Satin

These paints are generally used on metal and wooden surfaces. They can be used inside or out, and are very tough when dry to the touch. Some people like to use them in bathrooms as they make the walls very easy to wipe down and to clean.



This paint has a slight sheen and is a little less durable than gloss or satin paint. Some paint manufacturers label this as "semi-gloss". This is the most common finish that people use in their homes as it covers well and wears well. It's relatively easy to wipe clean as well.



This paint is generally used on walls or ceilings. You can buy indoor or outdoor paint in this finish and it is possible to have vinyl added to the paint to make it even sturdier. It is not shiny when dries and doesn't wipe clean as well as the other options.

Along with these different finishes and the decision to use oil or latex paint come other paint options. These different types of paint are specialized for a certain job.


Kitchen and Bathroom Paint

While any paint can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, this paint is created specifically to stand up to the increased moisture in these rooms. They will keep fungus and mould from growing better than other paint.


Metal Paint

This paint is perfect to paint metal objects - even ones that have rusted. It is high-gloss and goes on easily, often from a spray can. This paint will protect your metal objects from rust and other damage.


Floor Paint

Regular paint won't work as well on high traffic floors as will a specially formulated floor paint. You can get this in a number of finishes and it is easy to paint over concrete or



Choosing the right type of paint for your job is one of the best ways to ensure your project will be a success. There are so many different types of paint to make sure that each job is done correctly.

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