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    Who Are The Leading Paint Manufacturers?

Who Are The Leading Paint Manufacturers?

When it comes to painting and decorating in the UK, there are several brands which are leaders in the market. Along with many shops own brand versions, there are four distinct forerunners who lead the way in the world of paint. While many may think that paint is just paint, each brand has its own unique ingredient list to produce a whole variety of shades, textures, and finishes. So, who are the main paint manufacturers in the UK?


Crown Paints

Crown paints are one of the largest manufacturers of paint in the UK and are the second most purchased brand. They carry product lines for both interior and exterior paints, special effect finishes, high-gloss, silk, and matt emulsion. There is also a line of spray paints,  all of which help create a beautiful home. Crown is a medium priced supplier of paints for home and industrial DIY.



Dulux is the leading manufacturer of paints in the UK and is the most popular brand of all. They have received awards for their environmentally friendly approaches and produce the largest range of paints available. Their products are stocked in almost every hardware and DIY shop and come in a range of finishes. Dulux is one of the most trusted UK brands and is available around the world. They produce paints which are medium to expensive.


Laura Ashley

This famed designer brand produces a variety of different types of paints suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The company uses the richest pigments and bases available for a truly luxurious finish. Laura Ashley is typically a high-end range which comes with a rather hefty price tag. Regardless of that fact, it is the UK’s 3rd most popular manufacturer of paints.


Farrow & Ball

 Originating in Dorset, Farrow & Ball have quickly become one of the UK’s most recognised paint manufacturers. The company is the last in the UK to use a mix of both modern and more traditional formulas. They are also one of the most expensive brands available in the shops, but remain highly popular die to their luxuriant and rich Victorian shades.


Shops Own Brand

It would be foolish to overlook many of the leading stores own brand paints, which are economical and come in all of the same shades and finishes as the market leaders. While, as is often true, you get what you pay for, in many cases, these own brand paints can create just as good a finish as the more expensive brand labels.

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