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    The Different Types Of Paint

The Different Types Of Paint

We live in a world surrounded by colour and beauty, and not surprisingly, we are heavily influenced by these vivid and subtle shades surrounding us. Humans take advantage of colour and can paint their world in the shades that they want.

Paint comes in so many colours, styles, and types that it can be just a little bit confusing at the best of times. There are paints for the interior, paints for the exterior, paints for wood, metal, and glass. Paints in cans, paints in tins, gloss, vinyl, matt, special effect, and metallics.

So what are some of the most commonly used types of paint that can be found in the local DIY store? And how are they best used? Read on to discover all you need to know about paint.

Gloss: Gloss is an oil based paint usually used for painting window sills, dado rails, and interior woodwork trims. Its high oil content gives it a thick yet smooth finish. It takes a long time to cure and dry but offers a durable, clean finish.

Silk: Silk emulsion is commonly used as interior wall paint. The word silk reflects the paints shiny qualities when dry and is ideal for walls that do not suffer from dents or uneven surfaces.

Matt: Matt emulsion is used for the same purposes that silk emulsion is used. However, matt emulsion does not offer any shine and gives a slightly less polished look to it. Matt is ideal for use on uneven walls as it shows less shadowing and highlights.

Spray: Spray paint comes in an aerosol can and is used to spray a thin and even layer of paint onto a surface. It is an ideal choice for stencilling and arts and crafts that require a light yet even coating.

Interior: Interior pain is mainly water-based and dries very quickly. As the name suggests, interior paint is used for the insides of buildings.

Exterior: Exterior paint is usually water and UV resistant and is used to seal and finish exterior walls and masonry to protect it from damage from the elements.

Wood: Wood paint is designed for use on wood and tends to provide water and insect repelling properties.

Metal: This type of paint is designed to stick to metal and is resistant to high temperatures. Commonly used on cars, radiators and garden tools.

While these are just a few of the different types of paint you can find. there are of course many more types for different uses.


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